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Friday, 1 June 2012

Avocado Milk Pound Cake

Well it seem to be Avocado season now. At least I see more in the market in the shop. I never tasted avocado till my early 20. This is not a common fruit in Asia. Normally people serve with chicken salad. It cost quite a fair bit in Asia. Research said avocado is good for heart and antioxidant fruit that prevent cancer. However it is the most fatty fruit among the rest. In Australia avocado is relatively cheap when in season and it has different variety.Aussie like to spread it on toast bread for breakfast. I enjoy it lot and only consume during morning so I can utilised the fat throughout the day.

One of my friend have tried to bake an avocado pound cake . It make me curious how it taste like. Not too sure how a pound cake should taste like. Am not a fan of heavy cake taste , I love fluffy soft moist cake. Looking that my avocado is going to spoil soon if I did not consume on time. I decided to give this recipe a try and bake this lovely cake.

The recipe is by a lovely lady which is from Malaysia. In searching for receipe I found her blog , I would say she is talented and I have been trying some of her recipe , is easy to follow and the result is great . so enjoy baking and try this out ->Table for 2 or more.The taste is yum given the amount of flour in . However the cake is moist and now I have another recipe for avocado as not only spreading on the toast.

Ok am still trying to improve my SLR picture taking skill . Is a bit of fail especially using potrait lens. Well I believe I will get there soon .

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