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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Palm Sugar Souffle Cake

My love for Palm Sugar, Pandan and Coconut Milk will always be a motivation for me to bake any cake relate to this 3 beautiful ingredient GOD has given to people in Southeast Asia. :)

Yup I love cake that is moist and soft in texture. Come across this Palm Sugar Souffle Cake. Which has an interesting chinese name 相思海棉疍糕。The name itself indicate the cake should be soft and moist. Yup the cake is beating egg white sperate till form a soft peak and fold in the other mixture.

I got this recipe from this wonderful blog that is full of easy follow recipe and I have tried some of her recipe is easy to  follow through and result is great ->SiewHwei blog .

From now on I would also cut and paste the recipe in my blog , this is just easy for myself to retrieve all this lovely recipe I would bake again. However I will always attached the original link where this recipes I got it from. Respect those who bake and share recipe is always a must. So do browse to their blog and learn more.  This will make the food journey more interesting and fun loving in sharing :)


Ingredients A:
Corn oil 65g
Palm Sugar 40g (can increase 10-15g if you prefer heavier taste) - I increase it to 55g it taste the best !
milk 80ml (combine gula melaka and milk in a small boiler, bring to a boil)
Salt 1/4t
Egg yolk  100g
Egg 1pc
Superfine flour 65g ( I used cake flour)

Ingredients B:
Egg white 200g
Castor sugar 75g
Cream of Tartar 1/2t

Method A:
1. Combine Corn oil, Gula Melaka milk, egg yolk and egg in a bowl. Whisk well till has little bubble.
2. Add in the Flour, mix well, set aside.( cover well do not let air get in )

Method B:
1. Combine egg white and Cream of tartar, beat in medium speed, slowly add in sugar, beat till soft peak form.
2. Mix A & B, pour the mixture into 7" loose base square baking pan. Steam bake ~ 150 degree, 55 minutes.
3. Inverted the cake pan, till it is cool completely.

The cake is so soft and moist. The Palm Sugar frangant is in each bite of the cake. I actually have the cake mostly by myself :) Keep in a an air tight container keep in the fridge , each tea time is just another sweet moment for the baker. 

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