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Monday, 31 August 2015

Flaky Mung Bean Pastry - Aka Penang Tau Sar Piah

Being a mom and working at the same time, has taken a lot of my time. Of course there is a lot of bloggers in the same position like me. I am still learning to manage my time so to have a work , life and church balance. I thought is not that "hard" , turn out time really go pass faster than I expected. It could be 1/3 of the time is not occupying by my bbaby , it has shorten my hobby time.I still bake, cook and enjoy food . Just before I can blog is another month gone.

I have make this Tau Sar Piah awhile ago. During my maternity leaves and full time taking care of my then newborn. She is a good baby and sleep long hour, so I have the me time to do the things I like. Just one thing that I need to be mindful . She is not good at any noise , whenever she is sleeping and I want to do my baking I have to be extra careful not to make any sharp noise to wake her up. Operating mixer is fine , is a white noise to them. The sudden hit of metal mixing bowl is not a good idea at all.

For the mung bean fillings is in my -> Black-Glutinous-Ang-Ku-kuih. Yes, originally the mung bean fillings is for this 'biscuit'. The excess has been used to make the other kuih.

Indeed this is a pastry you only make when you can not buy from your area or you are too free , and feel to take up some tedious chores then do it . It is time consuming on making the pastry right and wrap it up . The  baking itself did not take long .

Here are the recipe I follow -> Nasi Lemak Lover

Ingredients :

Oil Dough

125g All Purpose  Flour
35g   Shortening
35g   Cooking Oil

Water Dough
250g All purpose flour (sifted)
1/2 Tsp Fine Sugar
65g Shortening
120 - 130ml Water

Method :

1. Prepare oil dough by mixing all the ingredients together and knead till form a soft dough.
2. Prepare water dough by combining all the ingredients and mix till it form a soft dough.
3. Cover the dough and let it rest 20 min separately.
4. Divide and shape ach dough into 34 equal portion balls.
5. Roll oil dough out to round dish and wrap water dough in it. Roll it out into long rectangle shape. Roll up the dough like swissroll. Repeat this step twice ( this is the "fun" part that you have do all for the rest of the small dough , 34 times perhaps!!)
6. Roll the pastry out into a circle and place the fillings at the center. Bring all the edges together ( like making a bun ) pinch to seal.
7. While doing all the rolling and filling , preheat the oven to 170C .
8. Egg wash all the pastry and bake for 20min or till golden brown.

You can see from the picture, some of my pastry seem to tear a bit . But it all turn out good . I share with some of the friends who I think maybe they might miss this as well. The rest?? Of course we keep for our own consumption. Is time consuming pastry so is precious each time we took one .

Will I do it again ??? Maybe when I felt the craving or miss this pastry. Else I can go without :p. I heard that is a new version coming , instead of putting mung bean as fillings, they have the sambal shrimp in it .  Maybe just maybe one day I might do that version. Perhaps I should taste it before I make it.  Yup hope to visit the family sooon.


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