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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Rich Chocolate Cake

Planning to bake a chocolate cake to be sold on Sunday church coffee corner.As being inspire by one of my friend chocolate cake baking lately.

Am not always a chocolate person. Ya you hear me right. A lot of my friends I knew is very into chocolate. I used to love chocolate when I was young , that was a time it is such a thrill to receive chocolate as a gift during Christmas . Now I would say Nah not really a fan of chocolate. Of course when the chocolate is really smooth and pure is still good to indulge in it.

Searching through chocolate cake recipes from some of my food blogger. Wanted to get one that is simple, easy to bake and with fantastic result. I finally found this seem to be easy for me to follow ( as is my first chocolate cake baking) -> Rasamalaysia. Well, as am not sure what cake mold to be used. As the baking in process I can see the cake nearly overflow from the pan. Hmm not impress at all . As what it turn out, I can not do any topping or coating. So it is like a "normal chocolate cake " thank GOD it is moist inside.

I share this cake with my friends on the night with some vanilla ice cream it taste good. I might try another recipe and the right mold on my next attempt. At this point I would say ..taste is good but the cake should have turn out better in shape.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Japanese Cheesecake !

Japanese Cheesecake

This is my 1st baking in Year 2012. I would say I am an amateur in baking world. Never really done baking all the time in my life till I came to Australia.

The 1st cake I bake in this year is Japaneses Cheesecake . This is my all time favourite. I love the soft texture and moisture the cake bring. Though is a cheesecake it just taste so light yet is full of cheese flavour. The cake just melt in your mouth and you just want to have it more and more.

I gave this cake half to my pastor as a gesture to wish her happy new year , I hope she enjoy it much. The remaining of the cake we just finished it in 2 days as we really try to enjoy it as slow as we can!
That is sort of silly, so I decided will bake it SOON !!! And might try something different next time I bake it and hopefully it still as good as it is.Will update once I bake it.

I have this recipes from one of my favourite food blogger,Christine's recipe. Is easy to follow and the result is heaven.  :)


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