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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Japanese Cheesecake !

Japanese Cheesecake

This is my 1st baking in Year 2012. I would say I am an amateur in baking world. Never really done baking all the time in my life till I came to Australia.

The 1st cake I bake in this year is Japaneses Cheesecake . This is my all time favourite. I love the soft texture and moisture the cake bring. Though is a cheesecake it just taste so light yet is full of cheese flavour. The cake just melt in your mouth and you just want to have it more and more.

I gave this cake half to my pastor as a gesture to wish her happy new year , I hope she enjoy it much. The remaining of the cake we just finished it in 2 days as we really try to enjoy it as slow as we can!
That is sort of silly, so I decided will bake it SOON !!! And might try something different next time I bake it and hopefully it still as good as it is.Will update once I bake it.

I have this recipes from one of my favourite food blogger,Christine's recipe. Is easy to follow and the result is heaven.  :)

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