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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Soon Kueh - May this be a smooth sailing year with our little one

The pregnancy happen on last year, does take up a lot of my time and energy in the whole process. Add on to it, we were moving during my pregnancy. Moving to a new home , is a whole entire full on project for a pregnant lady. Packing and unpacking is insane. Thank GOD all is over and we have welcome our new born in Nov 2014. Now I am a homemaker aka mommy and also a feeding cow to my little one. As all mom said, is tiring, is stressing at time but all is WORTH it. I hope to get back to baking and more cooking as my little one grow older.

So here is a long outstanding blog . However is good to start my 2015 with this kueh I love most - Soon Kueh. Hopefully this will be a smooth sailing and soon soon year for our whole family .This is one of the kueh I sort of crave during my pregnancy. As I can not get any here I have to make it myself. I follow the recipe from this link ->atkokken-soon-kueh-turnip-dumpling

The skin for this recipe is easy to follow and I simply love the result , the skin is transparent and chewy soft . Is just the right texture for me.I hope you will like it as well.

Ingredients for fillings:

500g Turnips
3 tbsp  Oil
1 tbsp  Minced garlic
1 tsp    Oyster sauce
1 tsp    Salt
1/2 cupChicken stock
55g      Dried shrimps
Sprinkle of white pepper


1. Peel turnip and cut into matchstick and soak in water. Drain and set aside.
2. Add oil to a heated wok. Fry garlic until fragrant and brown.
3. Add dried shrimps stired fry till aroma come out add in turnip stir fry to combine well
4. Add in the chicken stock ,oyst,r sauce,salt and fry for a 3 mins.
5. Cooked till the water reduce and turnip turn transparent and soft. Dash some white pepper on it
6. Let the filling cool down before wrap it .

Note: I have some leftover carrot, I just put in together to enhance the sweetness.

 Ingredients for the skin wrapping :

375 g Wheat Starch ( Tang Mien)
180g  Tapioca Flour
450 ml Boiling water ( I add a little bit more, this can varies as to see how the texture to be)
3 tbsp  Vegetable oil ( original recipe suggest either shortening or oil )
Oil for greasing

Method :

1. Place all flour ( Wheat starch & tapioca flour) in a mixing bowl. Pour in boiling water and mix quickly with ladle ( I used wood ladle). Leave aside with cover for 15 min
2. Add in oil and knead into a pliable dough. Be careful it can be real hot.
3. Roll out in a cylinder , cut with a sharp knife into 2cm slices. Dab some oil on both side and roll out gently into thin round shapes.
4. Place 1 Tbsp of the filling in the center of the each dough and fold in half . Seal the edges by pressing it.

I used a curry puff mould to help me in this. As I just want to make sure the size of the kueh is consistant. I am not good in making any pleat at the edge. Cover the dough with warm tea towel during the process to avoid it dry up and keep moist.

Oil the steaming tray with some vegetable oil and place all the kueh in it and steam in high heat for 15-20mins. Once the kueh is cooked , brush some vegetable oil on it while is hot so the kueh will not stick to one another when take out.

Serve with chilli sauce or you might want to top with some deep fried shallot and dark soya sauce.
I even pan fired one of the soon kueh to test the texture. The texture is soft yet will not easy broke. I will keep this recipe as is what I like :)


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