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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Macha Red Bean Snowskin Mooncake

The mid autumn festival was in Sept this year,It is also known as mooncake festival. Yup any festival should tie with a food that represent it. I have this blog sitting in my post box and waiting for someone to do up my picture before I can post it . =.= ||| Finally here is it ..

I LOVE mid autumn festival . This is my favourite Asia festival ! Nope CNY is not the best for me , especially when you were single ,  CNY can be  a "hell" period for you , in becoming a "target' of a group of "caring" elderly , is a torture !!

Mid Autumn Festival, to me is family reunion ( only to your own family not with relatives) , with the romantic beautiful latterns , all sort of snacks and the "cake" -> Moon Cake. There is no explain on   why I just love moon cake that much . Thank GOD, these is one of the dessert you do not get it throughout the whole year. You can only find it during the festive season. It make it more excited and enjoyable. As it only ONCE in a year ( when you have it all year round, one tend to less appreciate it and lose the original meaning of the festival )

In Australia , we are so blessed to have ALL sort of variety mooncake from different Asia country. Is just pricy. According to my mom , mooncake is no longer reasonable price back home too. As this is an once in a year dessert , it does come with a price !

I did not make mooncake last year , as I was pregnant and I am intolerance of any sweet ( the smell , the sight of any sweet thing make me puke !) . This year I promise myself , I must do something again .

So here is my Macha Red Bean Snowskin Mooncake - adapt from ->

Red Bean paste

Ingredients :

1kg Azuki Red Bean
700 - 800ml Water
400g Brown Sugar
4-5 Tbsp cooking Oil

Method :

1. Soak azuki red bean overnight. Drain the water next day , place the bean with water in slow cooker and cook till the bean is soft.
2. Blend the red bean till fine , mix in the sugar while red bean paste is warm
3. Pour oil in a wok/pan , pour in the red bean paste. Stir fried till red bean paste dry up and can form into a ball.

Macha Snowskin Mooncake

Ingredients :

120g Glutinous Rice Flour
80g Rice Flour
30g Cake Flour
20g Wheat Starch
100g Caster Sugar
500ml Milk
6Tbsp Cooking Oil
6Tbsp Condense Milk

50g Fried Glutinous Rice Flour ( for moulding and avoid dough sticking on table and hand)

Method :

1. Place all the flour ingredients in a mixing bowl, add in sugar. Pour in the milk gradually into the mixing bowl and stir constantly until well mix.
2. Continue stiring while adding in condense milk and oil . The oil will not be combine well in the mixture but is ok .
3. Sift the mixture 2-3 times to ensure no lump in the mixture.
4. Pour the sifted mixture into a cake pan for steaming.
5. Steam the mixture on high fire 30-40min. Use a toothpaste to stick in the steam mixture if come out clean the dough is cooked.
6.Let the dough cool down and ready to mix with different flavour.

The flavour I used is Pandan paste, green tea powder and mulberry mash. ( My neighbour has a mulberry tree behind my yard , the fruit just so bountifully drop , in order not to waste it , is good to make something of it)

** Weigh 30g dough and 25g red bean for smaller mould
** Weigh 70g dough and 50 g red bean for bigger mould

The measure is a guide for myself . I would say everyone has their own preferences. So measure as it suit your preference and the size of your mooncake mould.


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