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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Japaneses Dark Pearl Chocolate Chiffon Cake

What  a name for this cake - Japanese Dark Pearl Chocolate Chiffon Cake. Honestly I am not a gal that is a big fan of chocolate. Not even when I was young, probably cause my family cant afford such luxury candy.

Well come back with this cake. I spotted this in my friend blog and got really curious about what is this Dark Pearl about. After digging into the recipe and search through the website, what a delight to know is Chiffon cake . Chiffon is always my love and I like it soft and moist. Is good to try out something different from the usual Pandan Chiffon Cake.

So here is my 1st attempt of this lovely Japanese Dark Pearl Chocolate Chiffon Cake. I did it another one the other night cause for no reason I just want some chocolate cake, and nothing can compare to a chiffon for a chiffon lover.

So here is the recipe I got from ->Bakericious

Ingredients :
Cocoa Batter:
150g chocolate cut to small chunk
 (I used a mixture of 30g 90% dark chocolate and 120g 20% chocolate)
 90ml water -> I have this substitute with milk / might add some liquor next time
100g corn oil
25g cocoa powder
65g cake flour
1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
115 g egg yolks (6 yolks for me)

Egg White Batter:
225g egg white (6 whites for me)
100g castor sugar (Reduced to 85g)
a pinch of salt
1/8 tsp of cream of tartar

1. Melt chocolate over steaming water and stir till smooth. Add in cornoil slowly, stirring all the time till smooth. Fold in the rest of the ingredients and stir till smooth.
2. Whisk egg white with cream of tartar till frothy, then pour in sugar gradually and then add in the salt. whiks till a soft peak is formed.
3. Fold egg white into the egg yolk mixture and then pour into a 23" to 25" round chiffon cake pan. (I used 23")
4. Bake at 180C for about 40 mins or till cooked.
5. Invert cake onto a cooling rack until completely cooled. Remove cake from pan and serve.

I beat up some cream add strawberry to go with  my cake. It just simply yum and the way I love it moist, soft , fluffy and the the cake is not too sweet as am using Lindth dark chocolate. Again a cake that end our night sweet and perfect :)

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