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Friday, 7 September 2012

Pandan Souffle Cake

Ooh . I told you am a pandan lover. I have first baked this souffle cake (相思海棉蛋糕) with one of my favour ingredient - Palm Sugar. ->Palm Sugar Souffle Cake . I simply love the texture of the cake . Honestly not quite sure what is the english name for this cake. Since is mostly egg white base and the spongy effect of it. I have it name Souffle cake .

I have the whole Palm Sugar Souffle cake all by myself within a week. Kept in an air tight cake container , it simply keep the moist and you wont feel full even if you have 3 -4 pieces at one time. It quite a dangerous cake ! As winter is ending soon , we have another steamboat dinner session at a friend's place. I often volunteer to bring  a dessert . All of us came from South East Asia, everyone just love and miss the pandan cake we often have back home. I promise to make something from pandan. Not always has to be the ->Pandan Chiffon Cake. So to have something different here is what I make .

My hubby has a great laugh about the height of this cake and don't quite understand why it rise so tall. All in all the cake is fluffy , full of pandan fragrant and everyone try to grab another extra piece if they can :)

Recipe adapt from ->SiewWei

Ingredients A:
Corn oil 65g
Milk 80ml (combine self made Pandan Essence 30g + Milk 50g / also can replace with Coconut milk)
Salt 1/4tsp
Egg yolk  100g
Egg 1pc
Superfine flour 65g ( I used cake flour)

Ingredients B:
Egg white 200g
Castor sugar 65g
Cream of Tartar 1/2tsp

Method A:
1.Combined Corn oil, Pandan milk, egg yolk and egg in a bowl.Whisk well till have little bubble.
2. Add in  Flour, mix well, set aside.( cover well and set aside ,do not let air get in )

Method B:
1. Combine egg white and Cream of tartar, beat in medium speed, slowly add in sugar, beat till soft peak form.
2. Mix A & B, pour the mixture into 7" loose base square baking pan. Steam bake ~ 150 degree, 55 minutes.
3. Inverted the cake pan, till it is cool completely.

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