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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Hazelnut Chocolate Layered Cake

Is always good to bake for the birthday people and see a smile on their face. I baked this cake at end of February for all the February babes in our group.This is my first attempt on baking a square layered cake and decorating it. Err I would say nope not as professional as those who has bake for few years.For a 1st timer I would give myself a pat on my shoulder. The birthday gal love it so nobody should complain about it :)

The cake has 3 layered and I also make a Hazelnut chocolate ganache cream to combine the cake and a chocolate cream to pour on top. The taste is yum and the texture is soft which is why most of my friends love it. I used dark chocolate for this whole cake it just make the cake taste just nice and not too sweet.

As this is a recipe I got it from a magazine I can not link it to any website , I would just share the recipe as below :

Hazelnut Chocolate layer Cake 
Ingredients A:

5 eggs yolks
40g caster sugar( it can be reduced)
60ml milk
100g cake flour
20g ground almond ( I do not have ground almond I used ground hazelnut)
80g melted butter

Ingredients B :
5 egg white
70g sugar
1/4 tsp cream of tartar

Method :
1. Combine ingredient A and mix well
2. Put ingredient B into a mixing bowl and whisk until still. Slowly add in mixture in step 1 and mix well. Pour the mixture into a lined 8" square mould.
3. Bake in a preheated oven at 180 C for 23-25 min till cooked. Remove from oven . Unmould the cake and leave to cool. Cut the cake into 3 layers

Hazelnut chocolate ganache :

100g cream cheese
50g ground hazelnuts
200g whipped cream (whipped pouring cream or any cream)
200g cooking chocolate melted ( melt on top of hot water)
1 tbsp rum ( optional)

Decoration :
80ml pouring cream
50g cooking chocolate , cut into small chunks

1. Combine cream cheese and ground hazelnuts mix until well . Slowly mix in whipped cream and lastly add in melted chocolate and rum . This is the cream to combine the layer of the cake.
2. Heat the pouring cream in a double boiler. Add in cooking chocolate and stir until melted. This can be prepared only when the cake has set and pour onto as chocolate cream.

To assemble :
1. Place a slice of cake onto the cake board. Apply hazelnut chocolate ganache onto the cake
2. Repeat the same way till the last layer is covered with the chocolate ganache .
3. Put in the fridge to allow it to set firm .

4. Lastly pour the chocolate mix over the cake for decoration. Chill in the fridge at least an hour before decorate and serving.

This is how the layer looks like :)
Maybe you would like to try out as well. It does require some time but it quite an easy step to follow and get the "impressive" result :)


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    1. Thanks Abbygail, I am stil new and amature in baking world .Blogging is still new to me, I am trying to add some lovely baker in my follow link as well. Thanks for teaching me to get the traffic increase.

      Saw the lovely cake you make especially like the apricot layer cake hopefully one day can bake like you :)



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