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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Pandan Chiffon Cake

Been a bit of naughty lately. Nope still doing the baking. Just lazy in updating my blog. So today I find time to get this blog updated before February went by .

I can not be a Chiffon Cake lover if I have never make the original Pandan Chiffon Cake at all. I would say Pandan is a very Asian stuffs. I do not think any western will have any idea what is it. Is a tropical plant in the screwpine genus ->Pandan. It has a special fragrance and the green leave will enhance the color of the product produce from this plant.I do not think is easily acceptable by people not used to this plant , as I did make a pandan fudge cake last year for friend's birthday celebration . The response from the western is not so welcome.The things you grow up with is always delightful but if you are unfamiliar with it , it can be a put off.

This is my all time favorite . I love the fragrance of the cake and the soft texture of it. Pandan goes well with coconut cream so another main ingredient in this cake is coconut cream. So whenever I bake this cake is so hard to stop at having only one piece. As the texture is so soft you just can not help it but to have it more than 2 in a time. Thank GOD is not a rich heavy cake so is good to indulge once in awhile for it.

I have recently found out another new method to make this cake more softer and moist. Which is a mehotd that has been apply in making bread. Is a "wet dough" method. (汤种法).Is more like making the dough  semi cook before folding in the egg white. I have tried this method on this cake and it turn out fabulous !!!!Amazingly soft on the cake texture and when we slice the cake we can hear the sound of "shi shi" it shown how moist the cake is . So follow this link and give it a try. I am sure if you are a chiffon cake lover you will love this cake MUCH ! - >Happy Flour

Well , after posted this blog, I might bake this cake again. As it just simply rekindle my taste bud how good is it the taste. Hopefully you will like it too . Enjoy the baking :)

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