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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Gula Melaka Chiffon Cake ( Palm Sugar Chiffon Cake)

It was a really breezing and sunny Saturday where I have a sisterhood tea party at my humble place. A tea party would not complete without some nice cakes.

Indeed it is a blessings to have 12 ladies in my place for a nice lazy Saturday afternoon. It has been my heart to have the sisters be united and get close to another as we grow. I have knew this group of ladies since I came to Brissie to stay for good. We all came from different countries and have different like and hate at time. The idea of sisterhood come from HillSong Color Conference ->Coloursisterhood. It is an annually event in Hillsong Sydney during March.

So to celebrate this one love,one heart, one sisterhood we have a fun time on Saturday with tea, cakes and snacks and lots of fun sharing. I bake 2 cakes for this special moment one is my all time favourite Japanese Cheesecake , the other one is Gula Melaka Chiffon Cake( Palm Sugar Chiffon Cake). I got the recipe from this fantastic cake blogger , she really know how to chiffon cake in all sort of flavor. Chiffon cake is another of my love ( yup you probably started notice I am a fan of all soft cake ). I like Gula Melaka as it has certain fragrance and always remind me of where my hometown is. I got this recipes and try out the cake. My chiffon cake mould is a bit too big for the recipe so the cake turn out a bit "short" I will try to make this again another time and will modify the recipe so to get the height of the cake. The taste is nice just cant get good Palm Sugar is Brissie so I find the fragrance is not as strong as I hope for. However do check out this site she good in Chiffon cake baking ->Happy Flour

It can be improve better next round :)

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