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Monday, 25 January 2016

Crispy Almond Butter Cookies


This is another cookies I was wanted to bake last year and did not manage to do so . When I fail badly making the open face Pineapple Tarts last year , I decided that is the end of my CNY cookies for the year. Is too hot , is too tire and after all I am still learning to take care of a newborn . Breastfeeding take up a lot of my time and I need to take good care of myself so my milk supply is sufficient.

This year I will not let this slip. Told you I have a plan !! When my baking mode is on , I just wanted to bake myself to the max !! Interesting enough is staying in Australia we do not do the usual thing as visiting other people house during the period. So I wonder who will help me finished all my cookies. I bet you the most happy person at this point is my husband. He told me he is happy to sacrifice and assist in any eating that is required. Well , I suppose is still a good gesture to give out what we bake to others. So there will be some home bake cookies for my friends then to let one sacrifice himself too much .

For the recipe I follow ->NasiLemakLover

Ingredients :

190g Butter ( at room temperature)
100g Icing Sugar
50g Egg White
220g Cake Flour
2Tsp Custard Powder ( I omitted this )
50g Almond Meal ( to have it more almondy I will increase the ground almond more next round)

Almond Flakes
3 Egg Yolks + 1 Tbsp of Milk as egg wash

Method :

1.Cream butter and icing sugar with hand held electric mixer till light and fluffy. It take about 3-4min.
2.Add in the egg whites and mix on medium speed for 1 min.
3.Add in the almond meal mix well with the spatula. Sifted in the cake flour and mix well till soft dough in form .
4.Spread the dough onto the tray ( 14"x14") . I used the flat scrapper to spread it evenly on the tray .
5.Preheat oven till 165C ( lower rack fan forced). Bake the cookies for 4mins until half cooked.
6.Take the tray out from the oven let it cool down for 1min. Use a pizza cutter to slice into rectangles.
7. Brush with egg yolks and place 2 pieces of almond flake .Do not brush the whole tray with egg yolk at one time , as it will dry up quickly and the almond flake will not stick on it.
8.After done putting almond flake on the cookies, return tray to oven at 165C and continue to bake for 12min until golden brown. I rotate the tray few times to have the cookies bake evenly.
9.When the baking is done, remove tray from the oven and cool on the rack. When the cookies is cool , store in air tight container.

Spreading the dough on the tray is a bit of struggle as the dough is soft and I want to make sure is evenly spread and the cookies is not too thin or too thick.

The fragrance of the cookies is more like buttery. The almond taste is mild. I love the crispiness of the cookies and I thought it can be very addictive and be consume fast , as the cookies are quite thin.

I hope you will try this out if I have time I might bake another tray of this.

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  1. Hi sweetie, the cookies look fantastic! With your baking mode on, your hubby is one happy man. :)

  2. Thanks for linking with us at Cook and Celebrate. I know this popular almond cookies recipe! And I'm sure that your cookies are very delicious!

    Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and your family. Please take care during this warm weather.


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  4. Hi, may I know where did you buy the shallow baking tray for these cookies?



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