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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Coconut Egg Rolls ( Kuih Kapit ) Aka Love Letter

Just cant have enough of all the Chinese New Year goodies. Please understand here in Australia we do able to grab everything ( almost everything) from our home country. But talking about home made vs machine mass production . I do prefer home made with love and knowing what is the ingredient put in the food we ate.

Ok, to fulfill my own satisfication of having all the CNY goodies I love , I got to be the one who home made the goodies I love. One of it , is this traditional goodies we all love in Malaysia and often store in Milo tin. If you are part of the family , your will have a milo tin as a token as CNY goodies from family member who make it that year.

I knew the traditional way of making this , sitting infront of a roll of  charcoal using a metal mold and have to look after each plate you put on the charcoal . If it get burnt, well you will get a scolded from the elder. I dont really have an experience on that. So I probably will not know how to do it. With the technology now, it is a pleasant experience to make this.

Here are the recipe I follow from this link ->Cheryl Marie Cordeiro.

Ingredients :

400 ml of canned coconut milk
5 eggs
150 g caster sugar
150 g rice flour
90 g plain flour

Method :

1.Beat the egg with sugar till sugar resolve .
2.Pour in the coconut milk , combine well .
3. Sift in the flour and mixed well.
4. Heat up the machine as per mannual
5. Place 1 table soup ( western soup) of batter in the machine and press it hard if you prefer a thin layer.
6. When is done , either roll it as a roll or fold it as a triangle shape.

I simple love the coconut milk fragrant in this biscuit and it did bring back all my good childhood memory. My cousin used to make this and we always got a tin from my auntie. Bear in mind , my cousin was a boy then, I admire his patience. I guess this is how Asian family show love and appreciate to one another. We seldom express love verbally often we show love in giving things that we make from home . So we do love to share food during all festival.

This season for all those who celebrate this festival , I wish you Prosperous Lunar New Year, good health and dreams come true in this Horse year.


  1. Homemade love letters, they are my favourite! I remember passing by an aunty sitting outside her house cooking the love letters over a small charcoal pit and I was so upset when she said they are not for sale! Thank you for the recipe, I hope to try it some day!

  2. This post is just nice for this month AB theme. Will b nice to have this in. Do refer to n submit your post. Hear from u soon :)

  3. I've never seen the machine before, now I will have to look out for it cos kuih kapit is one of my fav CNY cookies.



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