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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Japanese Style Bacon and Cheese Bun (Tang Zhong Method)

Another bun moment . I have my mixer replaced. Is such a shame when the mixer broke down after I make this bun . It was a gift for my last year present, apparent the model is not that powerful to handle bread dough . The mixer died half way of my making. Thank GOD, I have another old old "Kenxxxx" brand mixer to help me to finish off this bread . Since it was within the warranty period, we can get another replace. However understanding the model was not suppose to knead heavy dough I upgrade it to another higher version.

Allow me to whinge, the brand "Brexxxxx" is quite misleading, when my friends bought the mixer for me , on the manual it did show it can knead dough. Well how misleading those manufacturer can be. Just so totally not right for this whole things to happen. Ok I shall stop here, GOD will surely bless me with a KA soon :)

Come back to this lovely recipe ->Christine's Recipes. I love all her baking and cooking. The picture is neat and the instruction is very clear. Some of it come with a step to step picture and you will not missed it. The result is always good and yum.From her blog I leanrt a lot of different method of TangZhong. I am not too fuss on the name but I do know there will give variety of result , one just need to know what is your preferences.

So here is the result of this “65°C湯種麵包” by Yvonne Chen 陳郁芬. I will leave with you to read on her blog where she explain the TangZhong and how to mix in variety of different bread.

I used her recipe to do this Bacon and Cheese Bun. Of course sharing is loving , so this bread has been share with my love friends and they all enjoy it as breakkie.



50gm Bread Flour
250 ml Water ( I used 50/50 milk and water portion as mention in her recipe)

Bread :
(I double up the version of the recipe to make more buns)

700gm Bread Flour
90gm Caster Sugar ( original recipe is 110g I always reduce my sugar)
2 Tsp Salt
112g Eggs ( 2 large eggs)
14g milk powder ( I did not have milk powder so I did not put )
250ml Milk
250g TangZhong ( all the above)
12g Instant Yeast
60g Butter ( cut into small pieces)

Fillings : ( as per your own preference)
80-100g Bacon
80 - 100g Cheese

Method :

Making TangZhong

1. Mix flour in water well until no lumps. Place in a sauce pan cook over medium-low heat, stirring consistently with a whisk to prevent from burning and sticking while cooking.
2. The mixture will eventually become thicker and thicker . Once some lines appear in the mixture for every stroke you make with the whisk, the tangzhong is done.
3. Remove from heat and transfer to a clean bowl. Cover with cling wrap sticking onto the surface of tangzhong to prevent for drying up. Let it cool , this can be used straight away once it cool down to room temperature.

I cooked this one night before and stored in the fridge , the next day while preparing my bread I have this took out from the fridge and let it get back to room temperature before using.

Making Bread :
( I used standing mixer to knead my dough )

1. Place all the wet ingredient in the mixing bowl including the tangzhong except the butter.
2. Put in all the dry ingredient Bread flour, sugar, salt , milk powder ( if you used it ) in the wet ingredients. Make a well in the dry ingredient and have the instant yeast place in. And start to knead the dough with a dough mixer. Start off with lower power till all ingredient well combine it might take about 10mins.
3. Once the dough is in dough shape and gluten has developed, put in the butter for continue kneading. At this stage the power of the mixer can be increase and combine to knead till the dough is smooth and when you stretch the dough it will forms a thing "membrane" or pass through the window pane test.
4.Knead the whole big dough into a ball shape. Place in a greased metal bowl and cover with cling wrap . Let it proof till double its' size . It takes about 1hour. ( I have mine place in an oven with a cup of hot water, this help the proofing better and faster)
5.Transfer the 1st proof bread in a clean floured surface. ( I do notice this bread is more sticky than usual) Deflate and divide the dough into each 70g portion. Knead into ball shapes and cover with cling wrap and have it rest for another 15 -20 min
6. Roll out each portion of the dough with a rolling ping into a oval shape. Sprinkle bacon and cheese evenly as much as your liking. Then roll once again and have the seals face down. ( I have it shape in different shape)
7. Arrange the rolled-up dough in a greased/ line on baking paper. Leave it for 2nd round of proofing , it takes about 40-45 min, until the dough rises up to 75% of the original size.
8. Preheat oven to 175C. Brush the surface of the bread with egg wash. Bake in the oven for 30-40min. It depend on the shape of the bread you making , if you put the bread in the tin it will take longer time.
9. Once is done, transfer the freshly bake to wire rack and let it cool completely.

We have the bread while it still warm , is hard to resist the smell of bread when is warm and the aroma is full in your house. The reminding can be kept in airtight container.

Indeed this bread still very very soft even after 3-4 days. I guess the cheese does help to maintain the softness in the bread. And is the best bread by far I love from my own baking. If you love bread , I guess this can be a good basis dough and from there you can make it to any other filling of your bread. Well, try this out and happy "bunning " :)

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