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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Baked Avocado CreamCheese Cake

Is it avocado season again ? Not quite sure, as I seem to see avocado all year round in Aus now and the price is just so expensive that keep me away from getting them.

Avocado is a very rich fruit that provide healthy fat and anti oxidants which is good for health. However given the fat factor ,is best consume in the morning and have whole day to utilize it as energy.
It will be wonderful when a day come we can ate as much as we can and never never put on weight. Yup One day ...

Ok enough of melancholy for the day. One of my girlfriend , happen to grab a bag of avocado with only 0.09 per each !!! Can you imagine the excitement we all have. She bought more than what she can consume ( of course given the price ) . I am so blessed that she gave me $1 ( total 10 piece) of avocado to enjoy. It can be kept  and is too much to finish before it rot. Since I have done a few cake with avocado , I decided to try out by making a bake creamcheese cake .

I can not find any bake avocado creamcheese cake in the net. So using what I knew I have created my own recipe and here is it :


250g Cream Cheese
200g Avocado ( mash into fine and sieve + 1Tbsp of lemon juice)
100g Sour Cream
200g Pouring Cream ( Whipped)
20g cake flour
2 eggs
80g caster sugar
1/2 Tbsp lemon rind

125g Oreo biscuit with cream
30g melted butter


1. Preheat oven to 160 degrees C.
2. Crushed Oreo biscuits till fine crumbs.
3.Combine the biscuits and the melted butter well and press evenly into a 8"inch square loose base baking tin.Put in the fridge let it chill and set for later baking
4. Cream creamcheese with sugar till creamy
5. Prepar a chilling metal bowl and whipped the pouring cream till firm soft peak .
6. Mixed the avocado mash with sour cream well then fold in the whipped cream
7. Mixed in the egg one at a time into the avocado mixture.
8. Mixed the cream cheese with lemon rind into the avocado mixture till well combine.
9. Pour the mixture into the oreo biscuit base tin.
10. Steambake the cake in oven for 60min or till is cooked.

The cake is creamy and as usual avocado is not a strong smell or taste of fruit. However it does have slight bitterness taste in the cake. Not sure is it cause by the lemon rind or I might have scrap the outer green part of the avocado when getting the flesh from the fruit.

I share this cake with the girlfriend who blessed me with the fruits. Of course we all love it and enjoy it much. How can one resist a creamy cake.

I do not have a chance to take the picture when the cake was slice to serve. Too tempting and we just engross in talking and forget about my blog updating  :). I should have bake this cake in a smaller tin perhaps 6" tin so the cake will be taller.

If you are avocado lover , give this a try . Is creamy and the texture is soft and light.

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