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Friday, 12 April 2013

Potato Sausage Bun

Well , I have been really into making bread. Why? Honestly I am a very carbo person . I love bread ,especially those Asia sweet bread. Asia bread are more fluffy, soft , moist and sweet compare to the western bread. Which is more heavy and you can said is more filling as well.

When I first got to Brisbane, there is not so many "famous" Asia bakery around. We did try to bake our own bread however given the hassle and I am still not into baking, it really is a chores rather than an enjoyment to me. Maybe my body has been really good and absorbing really well now in take of too much carbo make me "blow" out quite a lot . So I did try to cut down from bread and have a more healthy breakfast.

As I mention , from my last Sydney trip I bought a couple of recipe book so one should try out the recipe book if not what is the point of getting them . Here is another bread recipe from the Taiwan baking teacher -孟老师的100道面包。

Ingredients :

110g Bread Flour
40g  Cake Flour
15g Caster Sugar
1/4 tsp salt
70g ice water
2g ( 1/2 tsp ) dried yeast
18 -20g egg yolk
30g mash potatoes ( steam the potatoes and peel off the skin and mash it )
15g butter
5 sausages

Method :

1. Place the wet ingredient ice water, egg yolk , mash potatoes in the mixer. Follow by dried ingredients bread flour, cake flour and caster sugar. Make a well in the flour and place the yeast in it.
2. Mix all the mixtures with dough hook in slow speed when a rough dough is form and put the butter in and continue to mix it on medium speed till a smooth dough form .
3. Knead to form elastic dough that passes the window pane test.
4. Place the dough in the bowl and cover with cling wrap and let it proof for 60min. ( To fasten the process , put the dough in the oven with a glass of hot water)
5. Divide dough into 5 portion , mould it round let it rest for 10min.
6.Roll out the dough in long rectangle shape, place a sausage in it. Roll the sausage well and seal the bottom of the roll .
7.Shape it according to your liking. Brush with egg wash and let it proof for another 25min.
8.Preheat oven to 175C and place the bun on the tray and bake for 18min.

So here is my sausage bun. I double the portion of the ingredient and have make 10 bun in total. Have it for breakfast and share with some of the friends.

As the bun is not the using the "tang zhong" method is not that soft and moist. However if you have it heat up in the microwave for 20sc before having it , it still remind soft and taste yum.

Do give it a try . I might improvise this recipe using the "tang zhong" method next round when I do it .


  1. My children love sausage bread from Japanese/Chinese bakery shop! This looks really delicious and great for lunch box too! :)

  2. Thanks Nami, I am looking forward to try out the dishes in your blog. Always love Japanese food now learning to cook them as well .Thanks for your sharing.



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